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Questions to ask at a non-executive director interview


The role of the board of directors continues to change and evolve, largely driven by the last financial crisis in 2008.  All areas of business are impacted by elements of regulation and advancements in technology, impacting the composition of boards.  It isn’t just CEOs who are driving changes, it is the wider business landscape (not to mention politicians!) who are championing diversity of skills and experience and as such, this is now high on the agenda investors, regulators, and boards!

But what about from the perspective of the non-executive director?  It is arguable that strategy has to be the main focus for reviewing and changing board composition; aligning boardroom talent with company strategy for the short, medium and indeed, long-term. Talent must always be at the forefront of the conversation led by the non-executive and that talent discussion will form the basis of the discussion on strategy.

"What have created is unique. It cuts through the false promises I have heard from others"

Paul Cunniff
CFO, Freeway Insurance

""Ian and his team at virtualnonexecs have been instrumental in helping me gain Non-Executive Director roles. I have recently been appointed to two positions and have several more opportunities coming up in the near future.

What attracted me most the network was it was not “hard sell” like the rest. The network shows you how to market your expertise to businesses who don’t even realise they need a non-executive director!

The guidance by Ian and his team has been exceptional. From reviewing my CV to guiding me through the landscape to ensure that my profile hits the mark, they’ve shown me how to find roles, not apply for roles! It has been an enjoyable learning curve for me and I'm looking forward to see what other positions become available.”"

Martin Wroe
Non-Executive Director

"“What sets apart is the decades of knowledge the senior team bring to the market. They are not interested in scraping jobs and pressure selling; their master courses are designed to equip non-executives (and executive directors making the tradition to a portfolio career) with all the know how and expertise that will enable them to go on and secure multiple Board roles."

John Gillibrand
Corporate Finance Partner

"“I have been blown away with how effective the network is. I have been a member of other platforms and spent my whole time fielding calls where the only objective was to up-sell me to products that delivered no value at all. Since joining the network and training program, I have secured various roles.”"

Christopher Mawdsley
Non-Executive Director