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Virtual Boards

Join our Gold Membership today and be ready for the launch of the Virtual Board program which allows you to earn for your time and input

Join our Gold Membership and start to monetise your time 


Our "Virtual Board" program will allow members of the Gold Membership to monetise their time and advice.

Our platform will bring together company owners and Boards of virtual non-executives/board advisors in a virtual setting.  


Connect in seconds

With our cloud based virtual meetings you can quickly connect with CEOs and boards who need your help

Use your peer network

You are not alone.  By plugging into the peer-network you have access to 1000s of established professionals

Environmental benefits

2020 was the year the world recognised the value of virtual working.  Monetise your expertise from the comfort of home

The world is changing and in light of COVID-19 there will be more focus on "remote" or "virtual" working.


For the last EIGHT YEARS we have been espousing the need for more virtual meetings.  The value of virtual meetings goes beyond "saving time"; it has environmental as well as monetary value.

Join the Virtual Board revolution and start monetising your expertise from the comfort of your own home.


Need help?  Let me set your account up and walk you through the process

Hi, I am Scott Watson and head up the community here at  As Head of Community Engagement I am able to walk you through the on-boarding process and make sure your account is optimised.

Scott Watson

Head of Community Engagement