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CATCH 22: You can't get a non-exec role with no "non-executive experience"

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Having worked with 1000s of first time NEDs I know the challenges you face!

Having worked with 1000s of first time NEDs I know the challenges you face! "We receive 100s of requests from companies every month to help them with pertinent problems or challenges. By signing up for our Lifetime Membership you will be invited to contribute and act as a Virtual NED. This experience of board advisory is invaluable when searching out more traditional NED roles." (Ian Wright, CEO & Founder)


Taking the right steps to become a non-executive director

There is no "quick win" to become a non-executive director but there is a defined path that allows you to connect with your peers and help businesses who need the help of established executives.

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Share your expertise

With our cloud based virtual meetings you can quickly build your expertise.  In no time, you will have attended multiple Board Meetings as a Virtual Non-Executive Director.

Connect with peers

The virtual boards allow a great place for you to connect and engage with your fellow NEDs.  More business is done by p2p engagement than any other format in this space.

Build communication skills

Simple and intuitive host controls for presenters and interactive capabilities for attendees.  You get access to world renowned communication coaches to help

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